Pedal 4 Possible: Century Ride Supporting Craig Hospital 2019



I am going to ride in my second Pedal for Possible charity bike ride to raise money for Craig Hospital. I have always loved irony. I wouldn't know about Craig Hospital if it weren't for a bike ride. And, what can I say about the place? One might think four months in a rehab hospital should be a low point in someone's life - but it is a magical place. The people are magical!

If you ride - come join me - join our Team - the Cyclepaths. It is Saturday, September 16th. Time to be announced. 

If you don't ride or can't join us - then I hope you will consider making a donation. I can speak from personal experience that they do wonderful things with donated dollars. Terry stayed at the Craig apartments right next door to the hospital for months - at no charge. When the apartment was no longer available - Craig paid for Terry to stay at a Marriott Hotel. Craig paid for part of the stair guide that we have at home that got me up and down the stairs when I first came home and still use once in awhile. We knew patients who told us Craig paid to fly family in for visits and family stayed at the Craig apartments free.





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