Pedal 4 Possible: Century Ride Supporting Craig Hospital 2019

Our Team Has Raised Over $4,500 in two years
Our Team Has Raised Over $4,500 in two years

Peakers for Possible

This is the third consecutive year we have ridden in the Pedal 4 Possible ride! I hope this will be our biggest year yet as we welcome Rocky Mountain My Peak Challenge Peakers to the team to raise money for this amazing brain and spinal cord rehabilitation hospital. We've updated our team name to reflect this collaboration.

In 2013, after a brain injury and eight weeks at St. Anthony's Hospital, I spent four weeks at Craig Hospital. When I arrived, I could not walk or feed myself. They made a positive future possible for me. When I left, I was ready to finish my recovery and return to work and fun with my family. Now, I ride to support the things Craig makes possible every day in the lives of other Craig Hospital patients and their families. Please support me and my team members!

Thank you,


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