Pedal 4 Possible: Century Ride Supporting Craig Hospital 2019

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 Over Memorial Day weekend in 2011, our son Kevin was in a serious motorcycle accident that caused a very severe TBI. Through the miracle of prayer and Craig Hospital, Kevin came out of his coma and eventually learned all the cognitive skills and behaviors he needed to be a functioning adult today. He now lives in Florida with his wonderful wife Aleshia and together they have a wonderful 4 year old son, Brantley. When Craig Hospital moved to its present location their design called the "Broken Man" was placed as a cornerstone in the wall near the front door of the West Building. It was a symbol of hope for our family and friends. Thank You Craig Hospital and all staff for the meaning and beauty of such a simple design.

This is why We Ride

 Julie and I are once again proud and fortunate to Ride/Participate in the Pedal 4 Possible to support our son Kevin, his wonderful family as well as all the Craig Hospital Graduates

Thank you Craig Hospital Foundation for all you do for the Denver Community and the opportunities to change and improve the quality of  lives throughout the United States   

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