Pedal 4 Possible: Century Ride Supporting Craig Hospital


Team Turtle

On Wednesday night, 3/30/16, Brian rode his bike to the Arbor Lodge Park with his two-year-old daughter on the back child's seat. His wife, Hanne, drove to the park in her car, meeting them there from work. When it was time to go home, (Brian needed to go home and grab his squash bag for a match that evening,) Brian asked his daughter if she wanted to ride home with him on the bike, or drive home with mommy in the car. She chose the car.

The park is two blocks from their home. There is a well marked/striped intersection between their home and the park. It is a school crossing zone so it has numerous flashers, walk push buttons for pedestrians on the sidewalk as well as for cyclists on the street. Brian pushed the walk button and proceeded on the green light when it changed for him. A car traveling west bound ran the light and hit Brian in the intersection, throwing him into the street. Sadly enough, his wife and child reached the intersection moments after the collision, instantly recognizing him on the ground.

His neck took the brunt of the fall and he broke his C4 (an incomplete break) as well as suffered a skull fracture. He had emergency neck surgery soon after arriving in the ER.

Miraculously, Brian has no brain damage, and is talking and speaking with coherent thoughts. He is breathing on his own, and has been since a breathing tube was removed post surgery. He is able to swallow and eat. As of 4/1, he has limited mobility is left arm where he can lift it, and sometimes rotate his hand. At this time, that is the extent of his motion abilities.

For those that know Brian, you know he is an adventurer who loves the outdoors. Some might say (like his wife) he lives on the edge and enjoys a good thrill seek! He is instilling that adventurous spirit in his daughter who adores her daddy, and is his #1 snuggle buddy. Brian is an active cyclist, hiker, squash player, and dance party daddy. He also loves to build with his hands (he renovated their entire 1909 house) and dig in the dirt. Three days prior to the accident, he had started work on a backyard pond for his family to enjoy this summer.

Few people exist in this world who are as motivated and driven like Brian. This will be the steepest mountain he has yet to climb, but the bigger the challenge the more he desires to succeed. His family and extended family are joyously overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from friends and strangers. Many people have asked what they can do, so at this time, the family requests that everyone help support the fight in advocating for better bike safety.

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