Pedal 4 Possible: Century Ride Supporting Craig Hospital 2017


Dear Family and friends,

As I reach my 50th birthday this month of September, I would like to commemorate the occasion by participating in this great event in appreciation and support of the magical people of Craig Hospital who put me back together, and inspired to get back to life, after my second birth 8 years ago.
I also would like to take this occasion to recognize the great staff at Boulder Community Hospital's ICU/Trauma unit, who together with Brian Handwork and Conor Moran from Pridemark Paramedics, the Boulder Fire Department, Jeff Schneringer and Johannes Rath and my amazing family and friends brought me back to life after my accident and gave me the opportunity to be here participating in this event

And above all, I am riding in honor of my brother Javier who is bravely overcoming cancer and is now recovering from surgery in Posadas, Argentina. I love Javi!

Come and ride with me to celebrate the Magical people of Craig!

Lalo (Luis)

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