Pedal 4 Possible: Century Ride Supporting Craig Hospital 2017

During 19 mile training ride
During 19 mile training ride

Jackie Greene Fan Club

In 2013 I spent four weeks at Craig Hospital, a brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation hospital. When I arrived, I could not walk or feed myself. When I left, I was ready to finish my recovery so I could return to work and have fun with my family. Now, I am able to ride in support of the difference Craig makes every day. Please support me, my wife, or my daughter as we ride for Craig.

The story behind our team name is interesting. I was in St. Anthony's Hospital’s intensive care for two weeks. The first week I was unconscious, the second week I suffered frightening hallucinations because of ICU psychosis. My final night in ICU, Stacy left my phone and a bluetooth speaker with the nurse, as she had every night before. She cued up my "Jackie Greene" playlist. We discovered Jackie at the 2005 Rocky Mountain Folk Festival and were blown away by his talent.

As the music played, I hallucinated a live Jackie concert. I “saw" Jackie storm into an open field doing donuts in a pink Cadillac! He hopped out and played his entire catalog of music for me and my imaginary friends. He even gave me one of his harmonicas.

That was my last hallucination and the beginning of my full recovery which Craig Rehabilitation Hospital played such an important role!

Thank you,


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