Every gift makes a difference, and together we can raise $150,000 to help Craig Hospital patients redefine possible!                                                                          

Fundraising Tips:

  • Update your personal page in the participant center with your story, a picture and why you are riding in Pedal 4 Possible. Your passion will motivate others to give! 
  • Set a fundraising goal in your participant center and track your progress. Riders who actively update their participant center raise three times as much!
  • Email, email, email! Share your fundraising efforts with your community by sending emails from your participant center. Compose your own or customize the templates provided for you. If you send emails from your own email account, make sure you include the link to your personal page.
  • Jumpstart your fundraising by donating to yourself. We know that people are more likely to give if they see you're invested as well!
  • Fundraisers raise 40% more by using social media! Besides sending regular emails, post on facebook, pop up a video on Snapchat. Be sure to direct your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to your personal page.
  • Where do you spend time? The gym, book club, school hobby groups? Make sure these groups know that you care about Craig Hospital and that you want them to get involved too!
  • Ask your employer if they would match your donation. This is a great way to double your donation!
  • Don't wait to start fundraising! Give yourself time to be creative and have fun accomplishing your goal.
  • We know that it takes, on average, three asks for someone to make a gift. So, ask again!
  • Thank your donors for their kindness and generosity!